A Perfect Tan - ..... Be Beautifully Bronzed
 High Pressure
Our High Pressure 15 minute lay down provides you with the Golden color you are looking for, without the burn! Build a good base with this bed which only requires to tan 4 times a month to keep up your flawless golden color! This bed is perfect for you if you are looking for a bronzed look in just 15 minutes, with no burning rays included!

Power Beds 
    12 minute UV power bed (lay down and stand up) give you a quick, sun kissed tan. Includes radio, fans and fresh, strong lamps! Don't have time to lay out on the beach? Come see us and in just 12 minutes, you will receive great color!

KBL 6800

Our Newest addition, the KBL 6800. Raise your expectations with this beauty, loaded with powerful features and a gorgeous exterior. 

  • P2 Pigment Lamps
  • Comfort
  • Facial and Shoulder Bronzers
  • Curved Acrylic 

Regular Beds

Our 20 minute regular beds are considered "Level 1" beds that will meet all of your tanning needs! Being the most popular lay down beds, it is designed to deliver an outstanding tan in 20 minutes or less! 

Sun Capsule 

The name says it all "Sun Capsule". In only 7 quick minutes obtain a beautiful deep dark tan. Our cosmetic lamp beauty is the latest in the tanning industry. Omitting most of the B-Rays and concentrating on giving you what you're looking for ...... A Great Golden Tan!  

2018 Mystic HD Spray Booth

Our brand new Mystic Spray Booth gives you the ultimate experience in sunless tanning. Mystic is the original and most evolving sunless tanning system. With a heater installed within the booth, it optimizes the absorption for a deeper, longer lasting tan. Want a flawless, golden, beautiful tan in less then 2 minutes? Mystic it is!

Have fun with your Mystic, personally customize your Mystic Spray with fun Bronzers, Aromas, and Accelerators. 


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